Remembering Stephen Hawking

In August 2015, UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol L. Folt welcomed renowned physicist Stephen Hawking in front of a sold-out crowd at the Hawking Radiation Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Hawking’s public lecture was an early highlight of the historic gathering of the world’s most accomplished physicists.

“As the leader of a university charged with opening the minds of students every day, I deeply appreciate what Professor Hawking has done to pull the cosmos closer to so many,” Folt said at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre. Carolina is co-sponsor of the conference.

In his nearly hour-long remarks on Aug. 24 titled “Quantum Black Holes,” Hawking spoke about one of the most complex questions facing physics today: how to resolve the paradox between Einstein’s theory of gravity, which predicts the loss of physical information in the formation of black holes, and a fundamental law of quantum theory, which states that no information about the physical state of anything can ever disappear from the universe.

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